Finished Folded Brochures without Staples
Reasons to choose High Quality Stapled Booklets
Standard Brochures - No Staples 1 Icon
No Staples
Perfectly non-bounded
brochures that are easy to
shuffle or share the pages.
Standard Brochures - Fully Folded 2 Icon
Fully Folded
Finished brochures
with all pages folded and
gathered in sequence.
Standard Brochures - Choice of Pages 3 Icon
Choice of Pages
Available in A4 and A5 sizes, ranging from 8 to 40 pages.
Standard Brochures - Free Delivery* 4 Icon
Free Delivery*
Enjoy free delivery within
Dubai with minimum
order of 100 Dhs.
Standard Brochures - 1.1 Image Standard Brochures - 1.2 Image
Standard Brochures - 2.1 Image Standard Brochures - 2.2 Image
Standard Brochures - 3.1 Image Standard Brochures - 3.2 Image

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Paper & Prices (Incl.VAT)
Quantity A4 - 8 Pages A4 - 12 Pages A4 - 16 Pages A4 - 20 Pages A4 - 24 Pages A4 - 28 Pages A4 - 32 Pages A4 - 36 Pages A4 - 40 Pages
500 900AED 975AED 1,325AED 1,370AED 1,570AED 1,645AED 1,960AED 2,035AED 2,255AED
1,000 1,120AED 1,375AED 1,815AED 2,010AED 2,230AED 2,455AED 2,855AED 3,075AED 3,330AED
1,500 1,340AED 1,695AED 2,220AED 2,500AED 2,755AED 3,060AED 3,540AED 3,840AED 4,145AED
2,000 1,740AED 2,100AED 2,790AED 3,065AED 3,415AED 3,735AED 4,365AED 4,675AED 5,090AED
2,500 1,960AED 2,415AED 3,200AED 3,550AED 3,940AED 4,345AED 5,055AED 5,445AED 5,900AED
3,000 2,180AED 2,735AED 3,605AED 4,035AED 4,460AED 4,950AED 5,740AED 6,210AED 6,715AED
3,500 2,405AED 3,050AED 4,010AED 4,525AED 4,985AED 5,555AED 6,430AED 6,975AED 7,530AED
4,000 2,625AED 3,370AED 4,420AED 5,010AED 5,510AED 6,160AED 7,115AED 7,745AED 8,345AED
4,500 2,845AED 3,690AED 4,825AED 5,500AED 6,030AED 6,765AED 7,805AED 8,510AED 9,155AED
5,000 3,065AED 4,005AED 5,235AED 5,985AED 6,555AED 7,370AED 8,490AED 9,280AED 9,970AED
5,500 3,285AED 4,325AED 5,640AED 6,470AED 7,080AED 7,980AED 9,175AED 10,045AED 10,785AED
6,000 3,505AED 4,645AED 6,045AED 6,960AED 7,600AED 8,585AED 9,865AED 10,815AED 11,600AED
6,500 3,730AED 4,960AED 6,455AED 7,445AED 8,125AED 9,190AED 10,550AED 11,580AED 12,410AED
7,000 3,950AED 5,280AED 6,860AED 7,930AED 8,645AED 9,795AED 11,240AED 12,350AED 13,225AED
7,500 4,170AED 5,600AED 7,265AED 8,420AED 9,170AED 10,400AED 11,925AED 13,115AED 14,040AED
8,000 4,390AED 5,915AED 7,675AED 8,905AED 9,695AED 11,005AED 12,615AED 13,880AED 14,855AED
8,500 4,610AED 6,235AED 8,080AED 9,390AED 10,215AED 11,615AED 13,300AED 14,650AED 15,665AED
9,000 4,830AED 6,555AED 8,490AED 9,880AED 10,740AED 12,220AED 13,985AED 15,415AED 16,480AED
9,500 5,055AED 6,870AED 8,895AED 10,365AED 11,265AED 12,825AED 14,675AED 16,185AED 17,295AED
10,000 5,275AED 7,190AED 9,300AED 10,850AED 11,785AED 13,430AED 15,360AED 16,950AED 18,110AED
Quantity A5 - 16 Pages A5 - 20 Pages A5 - 24 Pages A5 - 28 Pages A5 - 32 Pages A5 - 36 Pages A5 - 40 Pages A5 - 8 Pages A5 - 12 Pages
500 885AED 850AED 1,055AED 1,095AED 1,170AED 1,165AED 1,385AED 670AED 815AED
1,000 1,220AED 1,170AED 1,390AED 1,465AED 1,695AED 1,685AED 1,920AED 900AED 975AED
1,500 1,475AED 1,415AED 1,650AED 1,770AED 2,080AED 2,065AED 2,330AED 1,010AED 1,130AED
2,000 1,730AED 1,655AED 1,910AED 2,140AED 2,470AED 2,450AED 2,735AED 1,120AED 1,375AED
2,500 1,985AED 1,900AED 2,175AED 2,445AED 2,855AED 2,835AED 3,145AED 1,230AED 1,535AED
3,000 2,235AED 2,145AED 2,435AED 2,745AED 3,240AED 3,215AED 3,550AED 1,340AED 1,695AED
3,500 2,490AED 2,385AED 2,695AED 3,050AED 3,630AED 3,600AED 3,955AED 1,455AED 1,855AED
4,000 2,825AED 2,710AED 3,100AED 3,420AED 4,085AED 4,055AED 4,495AED 1,740AED 2,100AED
4,500 3,080AED 2,950AED 3,360AED 3,725AED 4,470AED 4,435AED 4,900AED 1,850AED 2,255AED
5,000 3,335AED 3,195AED 3,620AED 4,025AED 4,855AED 4,820AED 5,305AED 1,960AED 2,415AED
5,500 3,590AED 3,440AED 3,880AED 4,330AED 5,245AED 5,205AED 5,715AED 2,070AED 2,575AED
6,000 3,845AED 3,680AED 4,145AED 4,635AED 5,630AED 5,585AED 6,120AED 2,180AED 2,735AED
6,500 4,100AED 3,925AED 4,405AED 4,935AED 6,015AED 5,970AED 6,530AED 2,290AED 2,895AED
7,000 4,355AED 4,170AED 4,665AED 5,240AED 6,400AED 6,355AED 6,935AED 2,405AED 3,050AED
7,500 4,605AED 4,410AED 4,930AED 5,540AED 6,790AED 6,740AED 7,340AED 2,515AED 3,210AED
8,000 4,860AED 4,655AED 5,190AED 5,845AED 7,175AED 7,120AED 7,750AED 2,625AED 3,370AED
8,500 5,115AED 4,900AED 5,450AED 6,145AED 7,560AED 7,505AED 8,155AED 2,735AED 3,530AED
9,000 5,370AED 5,140AED 5,715AED 6,450AED 7,950AED 7,890AED 8,560AED 2,845AED 3,690AED
9,500 5,625AED 5,385AED 5,975AED 6,755AED 8,335AED 8,275AED 8,970AED 2,955AED 3,850AED
10,000 5,880AED 5,630AED 6,235AED 7,055AED 8,720AED 8,655AED 9,375AED 3,065AED 4,005AED
Sizes, Templates, Printing, Finishings, etc.
Sizes (in mm)
A4 (210x297mm) (210x297mm)
Standard Brochures - A4 (210x297mm) 210x297mm 01 Image
Standard Brochures - A4 (210x297mm) 210x297mm 02 Image
A5 (148x210mm) (148x210mm)
Standard Brochures - A5 (148x210mm) 148x210mm 01 Image
Standard Brochures - A5 (148x210mm) 148x210mm 02 Image
Download templates
Offered print-run: 500~10,000 copies
  • 1
  • 10
  • 50
  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 2,000
  • 5,000
  • 10,000
2 Business Days (not included Fri, Sat & Holidays)
Production will only start after you have approved the digital proof of your submitted data.
The proof approval deadline is strictly by 01pm.
2 Business Days Turnaround Schedule
  • Today
    Proof approval by 01pm
  • Day1
    3pm 8pm
    Delivery Schedule
Overview of Weekly Turnaround Schedule
Sun 01pm
Tue (3pm-8pm)
Mon 01pm
Wed (3pm-8pm)
Tue 01pm
Thu (3pm-8pm)
Wed 01pm
Sun (3pm-8pm)
Thu 01pm
Mon (3pm-8pm)
+ Additional 1 day for delivery outside Dubai

How to order

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s just a few clicks away

Step 1

Select your desired
product from menu

Step 2

Upload your data, or
ask for design service

Step 3

Review order and
make payment

Step 4

Receive order and
delivery notifications

Step 1: Select the product you want and customise to your liking.
Select the product you would like to order

Clicking the ‘Check Prices’ or ‘Order Now’ button will take you to the ‘Configuration & Upload’ page.

Customise your specifications by selecting size, paper, colour, quantity and any finishing options.
Depending on which options or finishings are selected, the estimated delivery date will adjust.
The price sub-total will automatically update at the bottom.

Step 2: Upload your artwork or use our graphic design services.
Upload your work

Good If...

  • You have a print-ready design
  • Your artwork was created in design software or by a designer
Pre-made templates

No special software needed.

  • Select the template you like best
  • Add your own text and logo
  • Make a custom design in minutes!
Step 3: Review your order details & approve your digital proof.
Printing starts only after you confirm your digital proof.

We check the file(s) you uploaded for anything that might cause an error in printing.
If we come across a problem you will be notified by email and we wait for you to re-submit your artwork.

Once your data has cleared our quality checklist, we will send a digital proof of your data for you to confirm.
A delay in the approval process will cause a delay in the printing & delivery schedule.

Step 4: Your order is printed, packed and prepared for delivery.
We keep you posted for the free delivery schedule

Approved data is sent to the factory for production. We trim your order down to its final size, then it is
bound together with a sash and wrapped in brown paper for protection. When your order is ready to ship,
we will notify you by email, Whatsapp or by phone (for deliveries within Dubai).

Deliveries to all other Emirates are shipped out via courier to arrive the following business day.

Know Before Order

While preparing your data, please take note of the following

  • Data saved in CMYK colours is the correct format, as printing on paper is done by combining four colour inks: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).
  • We don’t print Pantone or Spot colours for Large Formate printing. If your data has Pantone or Spot colours, you must convert it to CMYK colours.
  • If above is disregarded, than Spot/ Pantone colours will be converted to CMYK colours. In such case, expect a colour shift in printing
RGB Data
  • Data in RGB colours (primarly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phones) are not correct colours at all for printing on paper.
  • Make sure your data is created or converted to CMYK, and not RGB. If not, we will change to CMYK colours. In such case, colours may come out different.

Print Arabia will not be held responsible nor reprint orders due to poorly prepared data.

If in doubt please see our Artworking Guidelines for more information on how to prepare your data.

Where colour accuracy is critical, we strongly recommend investing in a printed sample to avoid disappointment.